Target Heart Rate To Burn Fat For Max Fat Loss

Determine Your Target Heart Rate To Burn Fat For Maximum Fat Burning Capacity

Sometimes burning body fat is not as simple as just hopping on the treadmill, jog thirty minutes and expect to get a flat stomach. It is definitely more than that. There is one thing that a lot of people miss is that when they do their cardio workout, they did not monitor their heart rate. Now, doing cardio without monitoring your own heart rate is like walking in a dark deep cave without a torch light.

Generally, if you do not pay attention to your heart rate during your cardio, two things will happen, either you will not get any results because your workout is not intense enough or you are putting your self in danger because you are over working you heart.

Determining target heart rate to burn fat is very important because only at a certain heart rate, your fat cells will release the fats to supply the body during the workout.

For maximum fat loss, experts recommend that the target heart rate to burn fat is 75 percent to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate. To calculate your maximum heart rate, take 220 and minus your age. To calculate your target heart rate, you need to take your maximum heart rate and minus your resting heart rate. With that value, simply multiply in the percentage. After multiplying the percentage, 75 percent for example, add your resting heart rate back. Repeat the process for 85 percent and you will get the range for you target heart rate to burn fat.

If you do not like numbers or do not have excess to a heart rate monitor, you can monitor your workout intensity by checking you ability to talk, or sing during the workout. To achieve fat burning zone during workout, you should feel that you can talk but you just do not want to talk. If you can talk when talked too, your cardio workout is not intense enough.

There is another school of thought that says for effective fat burning, the target heart rate should be around 80 percent to 90 percent of your maximum heart rate. The reason being that, at this heart rate, you can burn a huge amount of calories. Even though the percentage of calories that come from fat is low, but in calories, the amount is higher that doing cardio at 75 percent to 85 percent.

You should be not able to talk at all at this heart rate.

Target heart rate to burn fat also varies from person to person and also, determined by the condition of that person at that time. If you are a fit person, you can follow all the heart rate stated above. But if you have medical issues like risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes, your target heart rate to burn fat should be slightly lower. The recommend heart rate range to start with is 60 percent.
If you are just a beginner in exercising, you should not jump into high workout heart rates immediately. Test the water by starting the fist 2 weeks with a heart rate of 65 percent to 70 percent of your max. Then gradually increase your target heart rate to burn fat. Starting out to fast can cause you to puke or pass out. Set small milestone goals so that you feel that you accomplished something and feel good after every workout.

To be on a safe side, invest in a heart rate monitor. It can really help you set the pace and tells you if you are working hard enough or not.

If you really want to lose body fat, lose the belly fat and get a flat stomach, invest in a proper weight training and diet program. Getting the right start is very important because saves you lots of time and it can prevent you from giving up totally if your goals are not met.

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