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Keys To A Healthy Life Expectancy

A healthy life expectancy is what many people are trying to find these days. We are doing more in our daily lives with reducing hazardous chemicals that are killing our bodies like household cleaners, pesticides and preservatives in food, and eating healthier diets. But, is this good enough?

To create a healthy life expectancy we must also supplement our daily diets. With more and more fast food establishments popping up all over the place, we tend to opt of the fast and easy food and disregard the health impacts of our poor decisions. To offset our desire for the fast and cheap we take vitamin supplements. This helps but will we get the benefits we seek?


We have to do more to help our bodies. There is an observation that was made almost 200 years ago called the French Paradox. The observation was that people in southern France had low incidence of coronary heart disease even though they had what we might call a Western Dieta diet that is rich in saturated fats. The thought at the time was that red wine or alcohol plays some kind of role in helping the people of southern France protect themselves from the devastation coronary heart disease inflicts on the body. It is now understood that it is not the red wine but a compound called Resveratrol that protects the body from disease. The Resveratrol Benefit to read an article that discusses this protection mechanism.

With the knowledge of this amazing product, we now can unlock the secrets of the human genome and really benefit from the advances in science. We can now have a healthy life expectancy.

So what are the key things we can do for our bodies in order to have a healthy life expectancy?

Eat whole foods clear of preservatives. We have all heard about high fructose corn syrup as a sugar replacement but it is also used as a preservative. This is a product that is cheap for US food producers because of corn subsidies and sugar tariffs. This does not mean it is good for you. It is thought that the body has less control of sugar absorption into the bloodstream with high fructose corn syrup. Stay clear of this stuff. Look at the ingredients and make sure high fructose corn syrup is not on the list.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Your food should have color and lots of it. Make sure that when you are fixing your evening meal or your afternoon lunch that you have plenty of fruits and veggies to go along. This is very important to provide your body with vital vitamins and nutrients along with much needed fiber. And, remember to eat an apple when you feel like munching on something.

Watch those calories. Dont buy the sugary sweets, sodas, or chips at the grocery store. Keep these things out of your house and keeping your calorie intake low will be a lot easier. If you are one of those people that like to munch, get some grapes or some low sodium nuts. Just make sure NOT to eat while watching TV. This is key. You want to have a constant feeling of hunger. And, for those really strong cravings do some pushups for 2 minutes. That will take the hunger away.

Speaking of exerciseyou want to have consistent exercise every day. Just make sure you have talked to a health professional before you commit to an exercise routine. Pick an exercise program that you feel comfortable with and make sure there is a strength training component to it as well. Aerobic activity is great for circulation, endurance, and a quick calorie drop, but strength training will provide you with lean muscle mass and a calorie incinerator. You will be burning calories in your sleep. Just make sure to change it up when your body gets used to the program. Most programs today take this into account.

Add a good vitamin regiment to your daily diet. Even with adding more veggies and fruits, this oftentimes is not enough. Make sure you stay away from the generic off the shelf stuff. I know this stuff is cheap but you are not doing yourself any favors. Actually you could be doing more harm than good. Generic vitamin C is cheap because it is a synthetic vitamin C, but our bodies cannot break these synthetic vitamins down. The small molecules and compounds end up sitting around in our bodies and could do more damage than you think. Make sure you are using all natural supplements. These are supplements made from real plants and our bodies really benefit.

By doing these five things, you will have a healthy life expectancy. You will feel better and reduce the visits to the doctor. Just remember it is not too late. It does not matter what age you are currently at. Make the change and reap the rewards. If you are looking for a way to increase your healthy life expectancy beyond your natural life expectancy, be sure to check out my article on The Resveratrol Benefit.


Ten Top Tips For Weight Loss

Use these free weight loss tips and apply in your daily life. Regardless your whether your goal is to lose belly fat, get a flat stomach or increase your fitness levels, these weight loss tips can help you increase you quality of life.

Want to lose body fat but find sticking to a diet next to impossible? Or is there so many weight loss diets with advice and principles that conflicts with each other that it makes you really hard to diet and do not know what to eat anymore? For those who could not afford expensive diets like the South Beach Diet or the Mediterranean Diet, or gets turn off by the though of a low carbohydrate diet, here are ten quick weight loss tips that can help you lose body fat fast!

Quick Free Weight Loss Tips 1

Get rid of soft drinks for good! Thats right, try to avoid and eliminate those fizzy drinks that contain loads of calories and simple sugars. On average, a can of soda or soft drink contains 150 calories. Imagine, if you stop drinking a can a day, you can avoid loading up 53, 000 calories a year! Ok, lets be reasonable, just say you drink 1 can per week instead of 1 can a day, you still save 45, 600. Besides being a lousy thirst quencher, sodas and soft drinks causes water retention and a culprit of diabetes. So lose the sot drinks and stick to the best drink of all, plain water.

Quick Free Weight Loss Tips2

Listen to your mother and drink lots of water. Besides from preventing water retention due to lack of water consumption, consuming about five glasses of cold water a day can help burn an extra 50 calories. It might sound negligible but 50 calories a day makes up to 18,250 calories a year which also means you can lose around 5 pounds of body fat by just drinking more water. This is really an easy way to shed of some body fat!

Quick Free Weight Loss Tips 3

Do not under estimate the weight loss power of walking. Walking is one of the best ways to burn calories, increase metabolism and to stay active. Walking is low impact and there for healthy to the joints and thirty minutes of walking a day can burn some extra calories and makes you feel great! Walking is also another great way for you to keep fit and trim during the holidays. Go for lots of shopping, window-shopping, site seeing and jungle tracking. Explore the nature and the new city while burning extra calories.

Quick Free Weight Loss Tips 4

Not all fats are bad. Your body needs fats to function at optimum levels and to produce certain hormones. What you need to do is to replace the bad fats with the good fats. Bad fats which are usually associated with high cholesterol levels are usually found in junk food, processed foods and read meat. These fats are called saturated fats. You would want to replace these fats with unsaturated fats which are usually found in nuts, fish, olive oil and these fats helps fight the bad fat and the bad cholesterol and also they contains lesser calories which will help in your weight loss efforts as well.

Quick Free Weight Loss Tips 5

Skip the elevator and escalator once a while and use the stairs. Yes, a few flights of stairs can do you good especially if you are feeling drowsy during the day. Not only it burns extra calories, using the stairs frequently can keep you fit and strengthen the leg muscles. If you love the Stair Master in the gym, there is no reason for you to hate the stairs; they use the same principles in muscle movements.

Quick Free Weight Loss Tips 6

Load up on the natural stuff like fruits and vegetables. Not only does fruits and veggies can fill up your stomach because of their high content of fiber, they are also power packed with vitamins, anti oxidants and contains very little calories. For example, both the lamb shank and a large bowl of colorful salad fills up your tummy, but fore sure, the salad have lesser calories and would very much help you lose belly fat fast.

Quick Free Weight Loss Tips 7

Forget about pre bedtime snacks. Not only it is very bad for your digestion and can cause heartburns, eating right before sleeping is disastrous to your weight loss efforts because the calories consumed are not used. The calories are will be turned to fat storage because no energy is required during sleep. Give your self at least two to three hours gap between your dinner and bedtime.

Quick Free Weight Loss Tips 8

Take a stroll right before or after a meal whenever possible. This is another good way to burn extra calories. Not only it can help you speed up your metabolism; this good practice can help your digestion. A good way of doing this is to go to an eating-place that requires you to walk for five minutes to reach there. So, after the meal, you can have a five minutes walk back to the office.

Quick Free Weight Loss Tips 9

Make green tea the second best drink next to water. Green tea is such a fabulous beverage simply because it contains lots of anti oxidants, helps your organs function effectively, increases metabolism and also the body requires calories to burn it. Green tea can also help ease caffeine headaches and other withdrawals. You can drink it hot or cold.

Quick Free Weight Loss Tips 10

Eat your food so you can really taste your food. Eat slowly and do not just shovel the entire content on your plate into your mouth. It is proven that it takes about twenty minutes after your meal for your stomach to signal your brain to indicate that you are already full. So, take your time to eat your food or you might end up eating three times more food you really need.

Try to make these free weight loss tips your lifestyle. It will really make a difference in your body and can help you get your flat stomach in no time at all. But of course, try to get on a proper weight loss program. Skip the learning curve and learn how to diet properly without losing muscle, learn proper weight training techniques to help you sculpt the body you wanted without injuries and learn how to maximize your cardio sessions for maximum fat loss.


How To Get Rid Of Back Fat Fast

Tips to get a lean tight back so that you can show off during the summer.

The back muscles are one of the most neglected muscles in the body. Its not that its not being used regularly or very hard to train, it the most neglected because its not visible in the mirror! Most people do not realize that the back muscles are one of the largest muscle groups after legs. Training back muscles is not just for looking sexy from the back, but back muscles are important for posture too!

To get rid of back fat is quite easy actually. Its just like any muscles in the body, you have to exercise to get rid of back fat, diet and do cardio. Its that simple. Follow these few simple tips to lose back fat including lower back fat.

How to get rid of back fat tip 1

Exercise with weights to lose back fat! Yes, we are not only losing the back fat, we are changing the entire composition of the back from flabby lose fat to lean tight muscles! Sounds good eh? The idea is to target the entire back muscles including the lower back by doing 4-5 different exercises for different areas of the back.
The different areas that you should target are the main muscle itself, which are latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, traps and the lumbar. This will ensure you have a complete proportionate toned back.

How to get rid of back fat tip 2

The basic exercises that you should consider are:

Lat pull downs for the lats
Supinated pull downs for the lower back
Bent over bar bell rows for the lats
Seated cable rows for the lower back
Dead lift for the lower back
Upright rows for the trap muscles.

The set and rep ranges would be 3 sets for each exercise, starting from 15 reps with the first set, 12 reps for the second set and 10 reps for the third set. The weight should go up as you decrease the reps. Rest only for 30-45 seconds between sets. This is actually a very intense workout because of the short rest between sets. Having an intense workout is crucial to get rid of back fat because we want to really fire up the metabolism.

However, this just a sample of a back exercise program, there are plenty out there that is definitely worth to try out.

How to get rid of back fat tip 3

Cardio is definitely a must if you want to lose body fat and to get your skin paper-thin. According to ACE (American Council On Exercise), for weight loss, you ought to crank in 4-5 cardio sessions per week and the duration of each session should be 30-45 minutes.

Choose cardio machines that involve the upper body as well. Choose cardio machines like rowers and cross trainers. These machines involve lots of upper body movement and can really tone up the back.

How to get rid of back fat tip 4

For advance exercises, use high intensity techniques like trisets. Trisets is a workout technique that compiles of three exercises done in a row without rest. The three exercises done in a row will counted as 1 set. For example,Do lat pull down for 15 reps then proceed to barbell rows for 12 reps and then finally seated cable rows for another 10 reps. Then rest for around 2 minutes and then repeated the triset cycle for 2 more rounds.I can guarantee your body will be burning like a furnace by the end of the session. Make sure that the weights that you use is challenging enough. You should be suffering to complete reps.

How to get rid of back fat tip 5

All the cardio and exercise in the world would not be helpful if you do not eat properly. That is right, the word diet is here to haunt you! In order to lose one pound of body fat, you need to burn of 3500 calories and according to ACE, a fat loss rate of 1 pound per week I recommended. There for, a good target to aim for is actually 1 pound of fat loss a week. This means that you have to create a calorie deficit of 3500 kcal a week. Which comes to 500 calories per day.

500 calories is a lot to burn so it makes so much sense to burn of 300 calories in during your workout and cut back 200 calories in your diet.
Remember, it take only one meal of junk food to throw your fat loss plan because for example, one burger from any fast food restaurants will easily be 500 to 700 calories! So, if you really desire a sexy back and want to lose back fat and lower back fat, follow these simple tips. The best way is to get on a serious fat loss program, which teaches safe natural fat loss through dieting, exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle!


What Are The Causes Of Obesity

Do you know are the causes of obesity? I am sure you have that a rough answer in your head right? Well, before we get deeper into it, lets take a look an overview on obesity in the world. Basically obesity or another term that is used over weight is becoming a serious worldwide issue. Its not only in the western countries that are facing the problem but now its spreading over the globe!

If you think obesity or being overweight is a minor issue, well, you are dead wrong! There are many diseases that are related to obesity like heart attack, high blood pressure and obesity causes diabetes too. Its actually one of the toughest problem to solve!

We are to blame for causing obesity!

There are several causes of obesity. Basically, it rounds up to two main causes, which are lifestyle and medical reasons. Lifestyle is the main cause of obesity. Life is evolving at an alarming rate and due to this fact, people are getting busier by the day and time never seems to be enough.

People spend so much time at work and commute to work that they hardly have time for leisure and family let alone exercise. Not only their calorie expenditure per day is much lower now days, eating habits of our general population is getting poorer.

Yes, junk food is also one of the causes of obesity. This junk food like snacks, sweets and fast foods are laden with fats and sugar that we do not need. Yes, fast food causes obesity! All these junk food and fast food are so popular because they are very convenient to buy, plus the massive advertisement campaigns that are launched by these companies further influence us to consume it.

Technology advancement is also one of the causes of obesity. As technology gets higher and sophisticated, our human involvement in daily live gets lower. For example, the birth of escalators, automated walkways, lifts, car and bikes. People just dont walk that often now days. Even if it were just one or two blocks away, some people still would want to drive there. Entertainment also is getting more high-tech and able to simulate real live sports. Kids would rather stay at home and play video games rather than going out there in the sun for some sports.

The basis of weight gain and fat loss is calories versus calories out. If you consume more calories than you expand, you will basically gain fat and if you use more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. It is really that simple. As you can see, people are consuming more calories because of all the junk food and using fewer calories because people are less active and this will lead to a worldwide pandemic, called obesity!

Of course there are also other factors that causes obesity, factors like the one that we cannot avoid. People who have thyroid dysfunction usually are over weight due to the low metabolism.

Also individuals that are endomorph have naturally lower metabolism are also usually over weight unless they adopt a really healthy lifestyle and watch their eating habits.

The listed above are just a few causes of obesity, there are many other factors that contribute to this diseases. The best way to overcome this problem is to be more active and follow a healthy eating plan! There is not much way around it. Dont even think about liposuction!

Use these fat loss tips in this website to help you lose fat. Take action and improve your life quality now!


Take Care Of Yourself

When we begin our journey into healing we are faced with many decisions. We question what foods are good for us, what supplements will help support our goals, who the best practitioners to work with are, what would be the best exercise for us. We may start to get answers by talking to others who have already taken steps along their path to wellness. But wellness doesnt just mean healing our bodies, it means working on our mental/ emotional/spiritual selves as well. Every time we work on ourselves, whether it is our body, mind or spirit, our bodies go through change.

One of the most important things to remember as you walk your personal path to healing is to tune into your body and listen to what it needs. When you have been working hard on yourself, you are moving forward at a rapid pace. Your body is adjusting day and night and requires conscious cooperation on your part to help it. If you have been more tired, your body may be telling you it needs more rest. If youve been craving a particular food, perhaps your body is telling you it needs the nutrition that a particular food offers. Try not to put judgement on it. Science has recently found that even chocolate, which we have put such a negative connotation on, has positive effects on our health! As with anything else in life, use common sense with your diet. We can become just as much out of balance by eating only the right foods as we can by eating only the wrong foods.

Be kind to your body and spirit by honoring what both need while you are working your way to better health. Dont be afraid to take a nap during the day if you become suddenly tired and can take the time to rest. Dont be afraid to have a piece of cake if you find you are particularly drawn to it. Maybe your spirit needs the lift a special treat will offer it! Dont be afraid to let the housework go or do just a few necessary tasks if your body is telling you that you need to rest to recover from a particularly demanding week. If youve been through a challenging growth spurt emotionally or spiritually, your body is working hard trying to flush out toxins, emotions and changes. Listen to your body, respect its wisdom, and follow through in what it needs. The more you do this, the more you will be in touch with your own inner wisdom receiving support to live a fuller, healthier and ultimately more fulfilling life.


Quick Weight Loss Tips For A Sexy Body

The very first things to know is that you need to set a healthy and obtainable goal and time frame. If you go on a crash diet you might lose weight, but it will be mostly in the form of water and muscle tissue loss.

The next thing you need to do is to boost your metabolism so that your body works harder and burns more calories, if you just diet your metabolism slows down and you dont really lose anything. This can be through simple strength training of only twenty to thirty minutes per week.

Third, you should eat smaller meals more frequently that include protein in them and make sure it is of HEALTHY type. In other words, dont eat a McDonald’s happy meal instead of the Quarter pound Burger meal.

Fourth quick weight loss tip is to count your calories. Add up what you eat in a normal seven day week and divide by seven, that gives you your daily average, then subtract 1000 fro that. Eating 1000 calories less per day will equate to losing two pounds per week just through diet.

The fifth thing to do is stay active. Walking more alone can help you lose another pound or so per week. Dont just stroll, walk at a rate that has you mildly puffing and keep it up for a while. Also, walking when you can as opposed to taking the car will boost the chances of losing more weight.

As we mentioned, quick weight loss is not an accident. Its a calculated regimen designed to make you trimmer and healthier.

The sixth important thing to do on your quest for success is to drink plenty of water throughout the day, at least eight glasses a day, with the first one as soon as the feet hit the floor to give you a fuller feeling and stay off the bodies natural desire for food.

You should not skip any of your meals, eat organic for breakfast and make sure that your last meal of the day is consumed at least 4 or 5 hours before you retire for the night.

Another very important tip that needs to be adhered to. AVOID soft drinks at all costs; they are 150 empty calories or more. If you are thirsty, go for good old water.

Keep yourself busy. Its a known fact that being bored causes people to reach for things like junk food, cigarettes, alcohol, etc. So a great quick loss weight tip is to find things to peak your interest and dont just vegetate.

The last thing is, please dont expect this to happen over night. It is unrealistic and unhealthy. You should be looking at an obtainable 30 to 50 pounds lost in six months. If your sights are more aggressive than that, you are setting yourself up to fail.


Target Heart Rate To Burn Fat For Max Fat Loss

Determine Your Target Heart Rate To Burn Fat For Maximum Fat Burning Capacity

Sometimes burning body fat is not as simple as just hopping on the treadmill, jog thirty minutes and expect to get a flat stomach. It is definitely more than that. There is one thing that a lot of people miss is that when they do their cardio workout, they did not monitor their heart rate. Now, doing cardio without monitoring your own heart rate is like walking in a dark deep cave without a torch light.

Generally, if you do not pay attention to your heart rate during your cardio, two things will happen, either you will not get any results because your workout is not intense enough or you are putting your self in danger because you are over working you heart.

Determining target heart rate to burn fat is very important because only at a certain heart rate, your fat cells will release the fats to supply the body during the workout.

For maximum fat loss, experts recommend that the target heart rate to burn fat is 75 percent to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate. To calculate your maximum heart rate, take 220 and minus your age. To calculate your target heart rate, you need to take your maximum heart rate and minus your resting heart rate. With that value, simply multiply in the percentage. After multiplying the percentage, 75 percent for example, add your resting heart rate back. Repeat the process for 85 percent and you will get the range for you target heart rate to burn fat.

If you do not like numbers or do not have excess to a heart rate monitor, you can monitor your workout intensity by checking you ability to talk, or sing during the workout. To achieve fat burning zone during workout, you should feel that you can talk but you just do not want to talk. If you can talk when talked too, your cardio workout is not intense enough.

There is another school of thought that says for effective fat burning, the target heart rate should be around 80 percent to 90 percent of your maximum heart rate. The reason being that, at this heart rate, you can burn a huge amount of calories. Even though the percentage of calories that come from fat is low, but in calories, the amount is higher that doing cardio at 75 percent to 85 percent.

You should be not able to talk at all at this heart rate.

Target heart rate to burn fat also varies from person to person and also, determined by the condition of that person at that time. If you are a fit person, you can follow all the heart rate stated above. But if you have medical issues like risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes, your target heart rate to burn fat should be slightly lower. The recommend heart rate range to start with is 60 percent.
If you are just a beginner in exercising, you should not jump into high workout heart rates immediately. Test the water by starting the fist 2 weeks with a heart rate of 65 percent to 70 percent of your max. Then gradually increase your target heart rate to burn fat. Starting out to fast can cause you to puke or pass out. Set small milestone goals so that you feel that you accomplished something and feel good after every workout.

To be on a safe side, invest in a heart rate monitor. It can really help you set the pace and tells you if you are working hard enough or not.

If you really want to lose body fat, lose the belly fat and get a flat stomach, invest in a proper weight training and diet program. Getting the right start is very important because saves you lots of time and it can prevent you from giving up totally if your goals are not met.


New Weight Training Program For Women

Weight training program for women do not necessarily be based on just weight training alone, it can be incorporated with cardio and stomach exercises to deliver excellent results for muscle toning and fat burning.

In the past, weight training is deemed just for men and whenever weight training is mentioned, it is always referred to as bodybuilding.

Now, weight training is for everybody. Women especially have caught on to the wave of weight training and it has been scientifically proven to be effective for muscle toning and fat burning.

But unfortunately, the mentality with regards to weight training for women is still body split training or one hour of weight training and thirty minutes of cardio training. It is still and effective program but it might be difficult for some individuals, which have more demand on their time.

There is another way that you can have the benefits of weight training, cardio and stomach exercise all fit in to one hour. The solution is called circuit training. It is not just any circuit training but this particular circuit training has stomach exercises incorporated in between the weight training and cardio exercises. This is extremely effective and practical for those individuals that want to lose stomach fat and have limited time.

This particular weight-training program for women is very simple to do. However, you do need a gym facility to have a good workout. The whole workout program is divided into 4 cycles. Each cycle incorporates a large muscle group exercises, one stomach exercise and two cardio sessions. In this new weight-training program for women, you will need to do 2 sets of large muscle group exercise, 2 sets of intense stomach exercise and 2 sets of cardio with each set of cardio lasting 2 mins. Do 4 cycles with 30 seconds and 1 minute of rest in between.

The idea of this weight-training program for women is to keep the heart rate elevated throughout the hour and the exercises using weights should be given a full heart out attempt. It would not produce any results if you were just going through the program just for the sake of going through it. Each exercise be it on the cardio or on the weights or on the stomach exercises, should be done with high intensity. Here is an example of the new weight-training program for women.

Reverse Crunches

Leg Press
Cross trainer

Lat Pull down
Stepper/ Stairmaster

Bench Press
Bicycle Crunches

Remember, in this particular new weight training program for women, each weight training exercise contains 2 sets and each set contains 12 to 15 reps. There are 2 sets of stomach exercise and each set contains 50 reps. Each cardio session last for 2 minutes and it is done at the intensity for about 85% of your max heart rate.

Of course, if you are just trying this program for the first time, tune down the intensity to suit you. You can always jack it back up.


“I Don’t Cook”

So you don’t cook, huh? Are you bragging or complaining? And what difference does it make, anyway? Obviously, if it didn’t make a difference, it wouldn’t be the topic of much conversation or concern. So it must be of some importance. Let’s answer a few questions. First of all, why should you cook? Like it or not, it can make a difference. Knowing how to cook can save you money, you’ll generally eat more healthfully, you’re more attractive as a date for someone who admires that trait (who may not cook either), and if you’re the single parent – the Mr. Mom – to your kids, then you’ll do a better job of helping them eat healthfully if you know how to cook.

Second question, what are you missing? Freedom, for one thing. It’s helpful to know how to cook so that you can be self-sufficient. You’re not dependent upon the hours restaurants are open, what they serve, or how they prepare the food. If you cook, you’ll also have a lot more flexibility, of time in particular. No half hour wait in line, or to be served once you sit down to eat. No more hunting for food at midnight, which is when you get off work.

One of the most important benefits of knowing how to cook is that you get to eat the foods you want. Not what’s available, or what they want to serve you. Not overcooked or undercooked, but just right. And if you don’t cook, you’re not as likely to eat a balanced meal. Ever notice how much carbohydrate you get in comparison to fruits or vegetables when you order a meal in a restaurant? Don’t bet your lunch that you’ll even get a full serving of either fruit or veggie in a restaurant. One sprig of parsley is not a serving of veggie!

That also means you won’t get much fiber either. A fast-food meal, the choice of millions particularly at lunch, might have 3 grams of fiber in it &endash; if you’re lucky. Since you’re supposed to get 20-35 grams of fiber per day, you’re going to have to work very hard to make up the deficit. If you can’t cook.

If you can’t cook, you’re probably not going to be able to control your fat consumption either. Most restaurants recognize the fastest way to prepare a meal – to fry it. The drive-throughs do it, the sit-downs do it. And that’s what you’ll probably get – if you can’t cook.

If you can’t cook, you’ll also get pretty bored if you pack your lunch. Your primary choice is to make a sandwich. Two pieces of bread look unappetizing about the 30th day in a row. If you can’t cook, monotony will probably force you to go out for lunch, oftentimes to a fast-food restaurant. And it’s somewhat limiting not to be able to invite your friends over for dinner, except for pizza, pick-up or they bring the food.

Guess what? Nobody really cooks anymore. They ‘assemble’ their foods into an enjoyable, healthy, aesthetically pleasing meal. And so can you. So don’t get hung up on the fact that you can’t cook, to the point where you won’t try to assemble a good meal. Here are some good suggestions for how to assemble meals, and you hardly even need to know how to boil water. (But it would help to know the difference between a microwave and a VCR. The VCR is the one that keeps blinking 12:00 all the time!)

First of all, you need three places to store food (fridge, freezer, and pantry) and three pieces of equipment (microwave, grill – inside or outside, and a crock pot). Let’s stock the larder first. Buy some single fruits (e.g., apples, oranges, grapes), baby carrots, potatoes (white and sweet, if you like them), and tomatoes (maybe a bag of lettuce or mixed greens) – and store them in your fridge. Don’t buy more than you can eat in a week, and don’t buy things that get really mushy and unrecognizable if left too long! Buy some milk if you drink it on a regular basis.

Buy 3-5 bags or boxes of frozen veggies and/or frozen fruit, and stock them in your freezer. Bags last longer in a self-defrosting freezer. Also buy some chicken or burger, and store them in individual freezer bags before you toss them into the deep freeze. Also, buy a box or two of frozen, lightly breaded fish fillets. (Mrs. Paul’s is a good brand.) If you can afford it, buy a bag of frozen, deveined shrimp.

Next comes the pantry. Buy 3-4 cans of French-style green beans, several cans of tomatoes and tomato sauce, a large jug of salsa, and 2-3 cans of Progresso Soup. Find the rice that comes in individual bags that you just drop into a pan of boiling water, and buy one or two boxes for your pantry. If you like cereal, pick a low-sugar kind to put in your pantry (buy some milk for it). Save 1-2 cans of beer in your pantry as well. It’s for cooking, not drinking.

Now you’re ready. Let’s make some easy things. First of all, let the dog out. Get a piece of chicken from the freezer, and thaw it in the microwave. Take it out, and put a baked potato in to cook for about 5 minutes (stab it with a fork first – or it will explode). Place the chicken in a bowl or dish, and sprinkle it with a bit of garlic powder and pepper. Drown it in salsa. Cover it with plastic wrap or waxed paper and put it back in the microwave. Cook it for about 5-6 minutes. Let the dog back in. Take a handful of carrots and put them on your dinner plate with the baked potato. Add a bit of sour cream if you want to the potato, and then feed the dog. It’s probably time to take the chicken out of the microwave. Add it to your plate, leaving it covered in salsa. You’ve just assembled a tasty, balanced meal. Enjoy it!

Just remember, don’t worry about ‘cooking.’ Change your way of thinking. Start assembling. Have some options in the fridge, freezer and pantry. Then mix and match. Oh, the beer. Use it to cook fish in a glass dish in the oven. Set the oven at 350 degrees, put white fish (e.g., flounder) in the dish, pour in a can of beer. Cover the dish with aluminum foil – and watch. For about ten minutes. When the beer boils, the fish is done. And it’s rather tasty with the beer flavoring. As you assemble the rest of the meal, just remember to pick foods with color to go along with the white fish. Sliced tomatoes might be pretty. Or salsa and no-fat chips would go well. That’s a balanced meal, by the way.

Have fun on the ‘assembly line’ like the rest of us.


How to Lose Weight

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, keeping your weight in check is very important. Being overweight can lead to Heart Disease, Diabetes, various Circulatory and Respiratory issues, and a host of other things that we generally try to avoid in life. Being at a healthy weight helps your body function properly, helps you feel better in general, and gives you energy. Hopefully, this will help you know how to lose weight.

Your body constantly burns calories, they are the fuel your body uses to function. These calories come from three places: the food we eat, our muscles, or our body fat. When answering the question of how to lose weight, a very clear distinction needs to be made. Burning fat is good, burning muscle is bad. What this means is, if you starve your body of calories by not eating (dieting) then your body draws the calories it needs from the fat and muscle cells. As the muscle cells have a much higher concentration of calories in comparison to fat cells, they get burned first.

Suddenly you are losing weight on the scale, but your clothes arent much looser. This happens because fat is a Quick storage method for calories so when we eat, those calories go straight to fat cells. At this point, you have lost muscle mass, gained fat mass, and youre hungry, too. This is not how to lose weight.

The correct thing to do has nothing to do with fad diets or late-night infomercials, but rather it is about minimal caloric intake with the addition of a cardio workout plan. This is nothing new, people have been saying this for years, and the New diets try to circumvent the generally accepted knowledge. If you read the fine print about any weight loss program, they all state that it is to be used in conjunction with proper diet and exercise. So then, why use them at all?

That is the point; they are simply for marketing purposes. If you limit your caloric intake and get your heart pumping blood quickly to your muscles, they can transpire their waste materials back to the blood, and your endocrine system will do the rest. Are you a little behind? Make your fitness goals!
Having proper muscle mass for your body structure is essential to healthy living.

Additionally, you can help your body remove the fat that you are burning by keeping a diet that has at least 15-20g of fiber per day. Fiber is something that is missing from much of what we eat, and is essential to maintain optimal health and weight. Skinless chicken, lean meat, and other low in fat foods are very good, as well as carbohydrates. Although many people will tell you that a no carb diet is how to lose weight, and it can work short term, but our bodies require the calories that are locked in carbohydrates to function. Yet another fad diet debunked.

It is easy to get lost in all of the options that have been made available to those looking to lose weight, it is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, but now you know the straight facts, what the diet program companies dont want you to know but have been telling you all along. Diet, exercise, and time is how to lose weight.

Craig Audley
Craig Audley writes about and promotes many diet, weight loss and nutrition products.