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A Practical Approach to Healthy Eating

Many of us have had the experience of growing a garden. Fresh garden grown fruits and vegetables explode with vibrancy beyond compare. Our senses dance with excitement as we receive fresh foods directly from the vine. In the garden, we notice scents that are non-existent in the supermarket. When we taste, we are delighted with unimaginable flavors. Garden fresh foods, carefully grown in healthy soil, offer us the epitome of nutrition. These are truly living foods. Living foods are defined as fresh-raw fruits and vegetables. Straight from the vine or soil, fruits and vegetables offer us their greatest potential in vitamins, minerals, proteins, taste, and enzymes. When we process them into other products and forms, they progressively lose this potential.

The source of nourishment

If you were a professional gold prospector, would you pan for tiny gold fragments in a stream or search for the massive virgin deposit upstream? If we are looking for nutrition and great taste, it is helpful to search out its source. When we do this, we find that fruits and vegetation, nurtured by healthy soil, the sun, and the rain, are the source of nourishment for all animals and humans. Animal foods for humans are possible because of the plants, which nourished the animals. Even carnivorous animals eat plant-eating animals. In the supermarket, we can trace all foods to their source. Nearly every food that we see in the supermarket can be traced back to fresh-raw fruits and vegetation. One of the most widely used ingredients, sugar, was once sugar cane or beets. Most baked goods are made primarily with vegetable fat, wheat, and sugar, all processed forms of raw vegetables. Ice cream begins with grasses, which cows consume to produce milk. See the connection? Would you rather have a genuine autographed Mickey Mantle baseball or a reproduced copy? When we go to the source, we get ultimate nutrition, great taste and highest quality!

The poverty in processing

Fresh-raw fruits and vegetation, while growing in soil, are at their peak of flavor and nutritional value. If we could eat them then, most of us would be disease-free, glowing, and radiant like never before! Every food that we consume requires energy to process. Many processed foods require more energy from our body to utilize than they give us. Guess what happens then? Unfortunately, our health suffers and we age more quickly. Living foods give us the greatest nutrition potential per unit of energy required to process them. Sadly, many of us eat subdued versions of fresh-raw fruits and vegetables in the form of processed foods. After a fruit or vegetable is harvested, it steadily degrades in nutritional value. In nature, animals do not preserve their food! They eat fresh and alive to thrive! Many foods are heated to high temperatures to preserve shelf life. Heating drastically reduces value. In heating, many vitamins are destroyed, minerals are lost, and in some cases, carcinogens are created. Many foods we enjoy are months old before we consume them. All canned foods are heat processed. Its time that we ban the can and rock and stalk! Our bodies operate in an input-output fashion. We get out what we put in! We can start to enjoy new levels of health by enjoying more fresh-raw fruits and vegetables.

Perfect balance

Fresh and raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, are a flavor sensation and in addition, are perfectly balanced for our bodies. To survive we need foods balanced in correct nutrients. We need minerals. Minerals originate in soil and fresh-raw fruits and vegetables are mineral rich! We need protein. Green vegetation is abundant in protein and supplies plant-eating animals such as elephants and gorillas. A gorilla can bench press 5000 LBS! We need fat. Most vegetables and fruits contain small amounts of fat. Avocados, olives, nuts and seeds are rich in essential fat! Studies show that raw, unprocessed plant fats are healthy. We need carbohydrates for energy. Fresh-raw fruits contain delicious unprocessed carbohydrate! Our bodies constantly need water and fresh-raw fruits and vegetables are mostly water. In fact, they contain about the same percentage of water as our bodies! Rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, carbohydrate, and water, fresh-raw fruits and vegetables are a nutritional powerhouse! Because they are the source of nutrition for all animals and humans, they contain abundant amounts of these nutrients. Doesn’t it make perfect sense? Ok, here is the amazing part: Every fresh-raw fruit and vegetable contains most, and many times all, of these nutrients! Bursting with juices and big taste, they are supreme for creating magnificent meals!

Practical means healthy

Foods are wonderful when they lift us up, stimulate our immune and healing systems, and make us feel excitedly alive inside! There are thousands of foods available each day for us to enjoy. When we visit the local supermarket, we see the astounding variety. Hundreds of food-processing companies cater to our every whim and desire. Most foods are processed in such a way as to extend shelf life. This is accomplished by super-heating, salting, sweetening, adding preservatives, freezing, and others methods. The bulk of our food supply is designed to remain shelf-stable, not to keep us healthy and alive. Does it make sense to consume foods that bring us down and make us feel dull? We all want to fresh and energetic…right? Many highly processed foods do not make the grade because the energy our bodies spend to process them exceeds their nutritional value. If you asked for change for a dollar, how would you feel if you were charged two dollars for the service? You would feel shorted, right? Eating highly processed food is like this.

Easy preparation and cleanup

Most of us have busy lives and for most, free time is a luxury. Who wants to spend all of their free time preparing food? We all like foods that taste great, are visually pleasing, and smell wonderful. Conventional methods of preparing food require great amounts of time and in many cases a large number of ingredients to achieve exciting and tasty results. With living foods preparation is fast, easy, and makes time in the kitchen minimal. Did you ever make cooked, baked, or fried meal, and have to do all of the cleanup yourself? If you did, you likely wished the cleaning would go a little faster. Dishes are not a favorite for most of us. When did you last plead for the opportunity to remove baked on grease from a pan? Practical food prep methods require that cleanup is nearly a blink-of-an-eye task.

Earth Friendly

Many tons of garbage accumulate each day in the form of food packaging. Containers are required to store, preserve, and ship food. Ever notice all of the food containers in the trash? Vast amounts of energy are spent in the processing of our food supply. Much of our food is pasteurized, baked, fried, irradiated, canned, bottled, and boxed. Energy is spent on these and other food processes. No heat is required to prepare a living foods meal, which conserves energy! With living foods, little packaging waste is generated because little it required. Their appearance is their advertising- no fancy supermarket package is needed in most cases. With living foods, it is possible to make great food and care for the Earth at the same time!

Fun and delicious

Do you want food that is fun to prepare and a pleasure to eat? Living foods meals can be prepared in half the time required to prepare a conventional meal. When we can enjoy the process of preparing food, we are drawn to do it more often. We, as well as our families and friends, benefit when there are home prepared foods to delight in. We can enjoy an expression of anothers care for us in the form of their food creation. Fun and easy food preparation can be an activity we can do together and bond through. Lets do it!


Weight Loss Program For Long Term Weight Loss

“A steady weight loss program is the key to successful weight loss. Maintaining a healthy eating plan as well as incorporating proper weight training and cardio training for overall toning and health is also important.”

With all of the fad diets on the market today it is hard for someone to tell which fat loss program is right for them. The fad diets claim to let you loose weight at rapid speeds and this is what people are looking for. What the fad diets do not tell you is that the weight losses that they provide is generally temporary as it is mostly water weight that actual fat that you are loosing.

One of the tried and true weight loss program is a low fat diet with exercise and weight training. When you combine all three of these elements together you will see that you can shape your body into what you want it to be in no time at all. Below is a sample menu of what you might eat on a low fat diet. Keep in mind that you should also try to avoid foods that are high in sodium as this can make you retain unwanted water.

Sample menu for your weight loss program:


For breakfast you can enjoy such things as non-fat cereal with skim milk as well as some fresh fruit on the side or you can have an egg substitute omelet with fresh vegetables and no fat cheese. You should try to avoid butter, cheeses and egg yolks.


Go for a salad with low cal dressing and a sandwich such as a turkey and fat free cheese sandwich. You can also add a slice of tomato with lettuce and some mustard. You want to stay away from chips, as these are high in sodium content. A good trick to do with your salad dressing it to have it on the side and just simply dip your fork in it prior to putting some salad on the fork. You will find that you use much less dressing then you normally do and you do not loose any of the flavor.


You want to stick with lean meat such as chicken or turkey and make sure it is whole sliced not pressed. Steamed vegetables with salt free seasonings is a great side dish. If you decide to go with a potato be sure to stay away from sour cream or at least use the fat free options.


Jell-O, fat free puddings as well as fat free cookies are good choices for deserts. You can also go with angel food cake instead of pound cake.

You want to incorporate some simple weight training into your daily routine. You want to keep it simple and do not over do it. You can alternate different areas of your body such as upper body on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and your lower body Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Be sure to add in some cardio workouts as well. You should try to aim for at least 30 minutes a day. You can do such workouts as bike riding, swimming, aerobics, kickboxing and much more. Be sure to check with your doctor prior to starting any weight loss program.


What Is The Raspberry Ketone Diet

According to Dr Oz, raspberry ketone is the answer for people struggling with weight loss. Featured recently on his program, this supplement contains fat busting ingredients and increases your metabolism. As with any diet, combine it with a healthy food intake and exercise daily for maximum results.

What is Raspberry Ketone?

Raspberry ketone is the organic compound found in delicious red raspberries. It takes credit for the naturally sweet aroma of red raspberries. The natural compound helps your body to burn calories, by breaking up the fats within your cells. The metabolism boosting hormone adiponectin is a component in raspberry ketone. This hormone is what contributes to your weight loss.

Will Eating Raspberries Have the Same Effect?

The reason raspberry ketone supplement has become such a hot commodity, is due to his comparison of how many pounds or raspberries are equal to one pill. He said we would need to consume 90 pounds of this sweet fruit to have the same effect, as taking the compound in pill form. After all, it’s not realistic to believe a person could consume that many raspberries daily, regardless of how delicious they taste.

Fat Busting Ingredients

As with most dietary supplements, you will find a list of ingredients on the pill bottle. Raspberry ketone supplements include many ingredients to help in your fat loss. Buy raspberry supplements that list raspberry ketone as a main ingredient or at least one of the first ingredients on the label. The following additional fat busting ingredients are usually found in raspberry ketone pills.

  •     Apple Cider Vinegar
  •     Green Tea
  •     African Mango
  •     Acai and Resveratrol

Caffeine, kelp and grapefruit is also an ingredient in the Dr Oz raspberry ketone supplements he endorses. Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits and acts as a strong weight loss component. Like the hormone in raspberry ketone, green tea helps increase your metabolism, which burns calories at a quicker rate.
African mango provides a weight loss supplement that originates from the seeds of the rare fruit. It speeds up metabolism and has many other health benefits. Acai and resveratrol are powerful antioxidants on their own. Combining these fat busting ingredients with raspberry ketone, is what makes this supplement successful.

Raspberry Ketone Benefits

As mentioned on Dr Oz raspberry ketone, it has many other benefits in addition to fat loss. It increases not only your metabolism, but also your energy levels. It can strengthen your immune system, which is important to ward off illnesses.
The dietary supplement improves your bowel movements, while purifying your body from toxins. Raspberry ketone is a natural supplement to give you a full body detox. Another great benefit is its ability to improve your blood circulation.

Importance of Exercise

The Dr Oz raspberry ketone will help you achieve weight loss, but exercising daily remains an important way to stay fit. A proper fitness regime will also help your body build muscle, while it loses fat.
Exercising also releases endorphins into the body. These are chemicals that naturally help you feel happy and more relaxed. Including 30 minutes of daily exercise will help you get a better nights rest. This is important for anyone trying to lose weight, as lack of sleep can alter your hormones, making it difficult to achieve your fat loss goals.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is important when consuming dietary supplements. This is especially important if combining exercise with your routine. While exercising, it is vital to consume proteins that will repair damaged muscles.
Regardless of how many dietary supplements you take, if you consume fatty foods daily you will not lose weight. Moderation is important, as is consuming an equal amount of vegetables, fruits, and proteins.
Since the segment “Fat Busting Metabolism Boosters” was aired on Dr Oz’s show, it continues to be a popular show, constantly replaying on the Youtube Channels. The supplement is especially becoming popular among athletes. Be sure to follow a proper diet and take part in daily exercise, to achieve the greatest results.


Rapid Weight Loss Diets ~ Read This First

Losing weight is not such a short-term thing. There are many people who want fast results and lose weight in a matter of weeks. There are individuals that want to lose 10 pounds in a month and sometimes more. This is because they have realized that they are over weight and when there is an up coming event that is around the corner that requires them to look really good, they resort to quick weight loss methods.

There are many methods out there that can help you lose weight in a matter of weeks. It is advertised in the papers and magazines daily. Most of these companies are weight loss centers and beauty centers. But you must realize that all these rapid weight loss diets and treatments just help you lose water and muscle.

The most common catch line is Lose 2 kilograms immediately after one treatment! It is obviously water weight. If you get yourself into the sauna for a few days, you will lose 2 kilograms as well. The next thing about these rapid weight loss diets is that they will ask you to take 2 servings of meal replacements a day and just one solid meal a day. I am sure if you are on this kind of diet you will lose lots of weight too! But can you sustain a life that just lives on meal replacements and just one meal.

What is the purpose of getting on rapid weight loss diets, lose weight and will not be able to enjoy life? Not to mention the low energy levels that you will be going through.

If you still want to know more about fast weight loss diets, the ones that are good are low carb diets and high protein diets. But do not get on these diets for too long. Use these diets for the purpose to hit your weight goal and then slowly shift back to healthy eating.

And if any of these diets says that you do not have to exercise, that is a total bull. You definitely need to exercise! Perhaps even a lot more because you need to build up those muscle mass and increase your metabolism. You need to build up the muscle mass so that when you are off the diet, the extra muscle will consume the additional calories.

In summary, I would suggest that you chose an alternative. Losing weight steadily is the best way. Aim for 1 pound per week of fat loss. That way, you give your body ample time to adjust to the new lifestyle and having your new body would not be such a burden to you.


Best Weight Loss Exercise: Come And Find Out!

Weight loss exercise is for those determined people to use in order to lose weight fast and for long term. Not only have that, this exercise for weight loss helped many people overcome their health problems!

We have encountered this particular problem before. We planned the best workout ever, thinking we can burn up to maybe 700 calories, take our time to do the full stretching, weight training for 2 body parts and do cardio but just when we think the day will go smoothly, problem starts coming out and the entire schedule starts to go hay wire!

By the time we reach the gym, we only have 30 minutes left and we are left to choose an exercise that will best serve our goals, we need the best weight loss exercise. If you are in that situation, I would recommend that you do a high intensity cardio workout. A high intensity workout will not burn so many calories within 30 minutes as compared you take 1 hour to run a 10k, but it will help boost the bodys metabolism and give your body the burning sensation that you never felt before!

Skip the weight training if you are in that particular situation because your muscle would not just die off if you miss on weigh training session but if your goal is to loss weight, then you have to be focused and use the best weight loss exercise.

What high intensity means is that you need to do that cardio at the intensity levels of 85% of your max heart rate. You can run at level for the whole 30 minutes and cover 5 to 6 kilometers or you can follow this technique that is more interesting. It is called high intensity interval training. Originally, this cardio workout only last for 20 minutes but we can fine tune it. For the first ten minutes, we take it as a warm up and run at the level of 70 % of your max heart rate. Then when your joints are all warmed up and your mind is all focused and in the zone, we will start the interval training.

The concept is simple. The 20 minute is spilt in to 10 intervals and each interval will have a 1 minute sprint and 1 minute walk. So, at the beginning, you will sprint for example at speed of 12 km/h and then walk at 5 km/h. Then on the next interval, sprint at the level of 12.5 km/h then walk at 5 km/h again. So as you progress through the cardio workout, you can increase the speed until you feel you want to puke!

So, stay focus, I know you want to feel your muscle pumped up but you need to be focused on your fitness goals. If you want to lose weight, we need to put weight loss exercise as priority!

But through experience, there is no match for the combination of weight training and then cardio afterwards. This combo just gives the fat burning process a super boost. So try to plan your day carefully, make your gym a top priority and you will get your dream body soon. Sometimes, if we think that there is some matter that needs to be solved and you want to sacrifice your gym for it, wait a bit and think again. Most of the time that stuff that is so important to you can be solved even you go to gym. Its the mind that matters!


How to Lose Stomach Fat

Are you still trying to lose stomach fat? Well, dont give up trying. Loosing stomach fat is not as easy at it seems but its not impossible either.

Although all our bodies react differently, but the laws of nature stays the same. There is no such thing as god made me fat and I will stay fat no matter what I do. Generally, individuals that have high body fat have the body type called endomorph and generally they tend to store body fat in the stomach area. Individuals who are endomorph are the ones that find it very difficult to lose stomach fat as they have low metabolism.

So how can endomorph or any other individuals that are overweight want to lose stomach fat?

The first major strategy here is to increase metabolism and change the lifestyle into an active and healthy lifestyle. The funny thing is, many people know about this but yet they tend to fail because the focused on the wrong things!

A lot of people tend to focus to much on ab exercises because they have the misconception that to lose stomach fat and to get abs you need to do a thousand crunches a day.

You cant spot reduce and by just dong crunches everyday, you will just build string abdominal muscles but the layer of fat stays. The burning sensation you feel is just the lactic acid produced as a result of the stomach exercise, its not that the fat melting away.

If you just concentrate on doing crunches, you will not lose stomach fat but instead you will end up getting a thicker waistline because the abs is still a muscle and it will get thicker if its trained and because the layer of fat is still there, the ab muscle will now push outwards together with the same layer of fat. You cant just lose stomach fat alone. If you get on a weight loss program, you will lose over all body fat together with stomach fat and then eventually you get the over all lean look with a flat stomach.

To lose stomach fat effectively, especially individuals who have the endomorph body type, they have to focus and concentrate on cardio and their diet. Of course weight training is important but general endomorphs build muscles quicker than the ectomorphs and ectomorphs. Are you a little behind? Make your fitness goals!

In order to lose stomach fat, the frequency of cardiovascular training should be at least 4 5 sessions, 30 to 60 mins depending on the individual. Cardiovascular training is important in order to lose stomach fat because during the period of heart rate elevation, fat is transported to the muscles and burned as fuel. Exercises like jogging, running and using the cross trainer can help develop your oblique muscles, which will give you the strips besides the abs.

You have to get on a diet in the initial stage of your weight loss program. You need to create a caloric deficit first in order to lose weight and by combining exercising and dieting, you then can create the right environment for the body to lose body fat. 3500 calories need to burn in order to lose 1 pound of body fat.

South Beach diet is the diet that is highly recommended. Many people have successfully lost weight with this revolutionary diet. Its been proven safe and effective in helping you lose body fat with minimum time. The best thing about this diet is that it does not require you to eliminate any food groups and you can enjoy your favorite foods too! They even have an online program to give full support for their dieters!

Exercising with weights is also a must in your quest to lose stomach fat. There are people who just worry too much about getting to muscular and to big. Dont worry; you can control the amount of muscle that you put on. Females also tend avoid weight training simply because they worry they will get too bulky.

Female do not have high testosterone which is responsible for muscle growth, hence they cant put on bulk, but female will benefit from exercising with weights such as increasing metabolism, increasing bone density and joint strength. If you want to lose loads of body fat but remain looking lean, you have to weight training because weight training can help sculpt your body!

Taking weight loss supplements like fat burners and natural weight loss supplements can also help you lose stomach fat and help you get abs. Fat burners can help you increase you metabolism, suppress your appetite and also help you stay focused so that you can pull through every single rep in your workout.

Fat burners that I highly recommend are Hydroxycut, Nutrex Lipo6x , Xenadrine Super Hardcore and Lean System 7 . Please feel to read the other reviews in my weight loss supplements reviewed section.

If you are skeptical in taking fat burners, try natural supplements for weight loss. Proshape RX is a good and recommended brand because it contains natural compounds that help raise your metabolism, block fat and carbohydrates. Proshape Rx even throws in a free online weight loss program

How about exercises that help lose belly fat?

If you are talking about stomach fat as in the layer above the abs, I have already covered it, its overall body weight training to create a metabolic surge in your body and also cardio training to jack up your fat burning capacity. But if you mean abs training, here are a few.

For abs training, focus on all three areas of the abs that is the oblique, upper abs and the lower abs. I highly recommend standing cable oblique twist for oblique, fitball or Swiss ball crunches for upper abs and hanging leg raises for lower abs.

There are hundreds of abs exercises to do but the most important aspect is this, to work the oblique, choose exercises that rotates your torso, for upper abs, the movements should be curling your rib cage towards your knee and for lower abs, you have to curl your knee towards your chest.

Try to avoid fancy exercises that stress your hip flexors and lower back. Exercises like roman chair sit-ups and lying leg raise uses the hip flexors and lower back muscles more than your abs. Isolate and squeeze your abs when you work them for the extra bang!

I highly recommend you to refer to these books for in-depth knowledge on abs exercises to help you lose stomach fat. The best abdominal exercises that you have never heard of and ABSolution are 2 super abs guides that you must see. They show you up to date abs workouts and the important fundamentals that will help you lose stomach fat in record time safely!

Fiber will also help you lose stomach fat. Fiber helps you to fill up your stomach with the minimum amount of calories. Get your daily needs of fiber from your daily food like fruits and vegetable. Oatmeal is also a fantastic source of fiber. For a quick snack, try eating some fruits like apples or a large bowl of salad along with a large glass of water. You may find that you are not actually hungry at all.

Planning is the key to success. You have to plan your entire weight loss program if you want to lose stomach fat fast. Without a definite plan and goals, you do not have direction and sense of urgency. Sit down and set your goals , plan out your diet and exercise program!

Schedule at least 3 workout sessions in a week, bare minimum! Spread out your meals into 5-6 small meals a day and prepare the weight loss supplements you are going to take. For example, bring along your fat burner to work if you know that you are going to hit the gym straight after you work. Set your goal to losing 1 pound of body fat a week and stick to it!

Last and not least, no junk food at all if you want to lose stomach fat! Junk food contains high amounts of refined sugar and bad fats, which can terribly cause havoc to your body metabolism and slow down your weight loss progress.

There it is, a solid plan to help you lose stomach fat. Follow these guidelines and you can reach your fitness goals in no time at all.


Extreme Weight Loss: There Is A Way

Why? It is because every body wants some drastic results, to feel to be really sexy instead of just sexy. Whats more, they want it in the shortest time frame. Well, we health and fitness people can understand that, but great results come with consequences.

What I mean by consequences here it that if you get extreme weight loss in a very short period of time, you will either suffer from many health illnesses or eating disorders like Bulimia and Anorexia. If the process is totally safe, the other consequences is that the rebound effect from the fast extreme weight loss that will make you gain back all the weight lost plus maybe more weight.

This is what happens when the body goes through a drastic shift. But, even with all warnings every body wants to look really good fast. Well, since your mind is already made up to go through drastic weight loss, the only way around it is to find out the way to prevent or minimize the rebound effects of the extreme weight loss.

The most effective way to obtain extreme weight loss that I have ever come across is to use Duromine. This is a appetite suppressant that is developed by 3M. This is no appetite suppressant that you can find on the shelves of those supplement stores; this is a diet pill, which can be given out under doctors prescription only and it is supposed to be taken for a maximum of 3 months. No more than that! Its serious.

What does Duromine do is it will make you lose your appetite completely. I mean, you will just look at a Hagen Dazz ice cream on an empty stomach and go Nah! Powerful or what! Not only you will be eating so much lesser, probably one quarter of what you normally eat, you will also have lots of energy and also it makes you stay awake. You can expect to lose around 3-4 kilos easily a month. Some lost 20 pounds in 3 months. Now, those are really extreme weight loss results.

Protein diet is one of the most powerful diets out there. The problem is that this diet is very hard to stick to because you are not allowed to have any carbs during the diet. Since you are on Duromine and have to appetite or your favorite foods, get on the protein diet! You will lose even more weight. No kidding! Please consult your doctor before taking this diet pill. If you do get clearance from your doctor, take one pill after breakfast.

Now, after you have lost your desired weight, the main thing to concentrate on is how to minimize the weight gain back. The few steps that I have good experience are with lots of cardio and weight training. Weight training is important because you need lots of muscle to increase your metabolism naturally. The cardio is to keep on burning the extra calories that you will be consuming when you are of Duromine.

I suggest a minimum 3 sessions of 45 minutes cardio per week with a minimum of 3 sessions of weight training per week. This really sounds a lot of work but if you want to keep your extreme weight loss results and look really good, you need to commit your time and energy on this. Your mind also plays a vital role. After three months on the diet pill, you now know how much you can eat to maintain your desired body weight. Do not over exceed the eating quantities.

Tell yourself that without Duromine, you are still capable of taking control of your appetite. If you can do that, you will be a sure winner. Monitor your weight carefully. I suggest that you look at the mirror and judge your body. Check with the scales every week to make sure the fat is not creeping up from your back and back of your thighs.

If things still get out of hand, you might want to buy some fat burners like Hydroxycut or Xenadrine to help you cope up. But just a reminder, do not go back to Duromine. This is super important. Weight train, do your cardio and eat sensibly, you will be able to maintain the weight. Duromine and protein diet will get you extreme weight loss but at the end of the day, you still need to go back to the basics of exercising. But looking at it positively, when you do get your dream body, you will fight it with your life to keep it!


Why Should People Exercise

Why should people exercise is the question many people have the answer to but yet they fail to do anything about it. Even though it only takes 3 hours in a week to achieve good fitness levels and excellent health, people avoid exercising with a many reasons like lack of time, accessibility of gym facility and many others. The thing is that people realize the importance of exercising when it is already too late. Then, the process of getting started becomes even more difficult because adaptability and also a lot of elder people feel uncomfortable in a gym environment.

Here are some reasons why should people exercise. Hope that these reasons will give you a boost and motivates you to start your exercise program!

Why Should People Exercise 1

The main reason that everybody should exercise is because exercising can improve your general health tremendously. According to an eight-year study, 30 minutes of walking a day significantly lower premature death compared to those who did not exercise. Not only that, walking can reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, increase endurance, increase bone strength and help you keep the weight down.

Why Should People Exercise 2

Exercising can help you win the battle of the bulge! To lose weight, the calories in must be lesser than the calories out. You can reduce calories by dieting, but dieting alone is the formula to failure! This is because by dieting alone, you hit a plateau when the body is running at low calories and it backfires and starts to hold on to the fat instead of burning it. This is because the body cannot differentiate whether the body is in a dessert or dieting. It is a natural human response of the body to hold on to the fat and live as long as it can. By combining exercise and dieting, the body can lose more body fat because exercising keeps the metabolism high. The body would not hit a plateau because its consistently supplied by high quality calories and you will lose weight when the fat is burned through exercising.

Why Should People Exercise 3

To look good! Exercising will help you bring down the waistline and add muscle tone to your body. You cannot just get the body like Brad Pitt by just looking at it! Even Jessica Albas body comes with the heavy price of exercising and dieting. Well, you do not have to look exactly like celebrities but at least look healthy and energetic. A healthy body can show through the skin and the glow on the face. Remember, first impression matters.

Why Should People Exercise 4

To fight of stress! There was a study down at Duke University in Durham, N.C, they found out that aerobic exercises can improve overall cardiovascular response to mental stress. Stress is another risk factor to heart disease and with the living and lifestyle of the world today, stress level is definitely a rising figure. When we exercise, our mind move away from the troubles at work or difficulties faced socially and domestically. This will then relax our mind and unclog our thoughts so that we get new in sights and be able to look at the problem with a new perspective. Not only exercising shifts your mind away, feel good hormones are also released during exercise that can help boost your spirit!

Why Should People Exercise 5

Do you want to be plagued with osteoporosis when you are older? If your answer is no, then you definitely should be exercising regularly! In a recent study done by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, shows that jogging at least once per month have higher bone density than their sedentary counter parts. (Source: American Journal of Public Health 2001; 91, 1056-1059)

During weight training, the force is acts upon the muscles to the tendon and then to the bone. This puts pressure on the bone and then will increase calcium absorption rate of the bone, which helps reduce the chance of getting osteoporosis.

Why Should You Exercise 6

Exercising ups your brainpower! This was being discovered in The Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California. They discovered voluntary exercise in a running wheel increased cell proliferation.

Why Should You Exercise 7

Exercising properly with weights and proper stretches can help you improve your posture and body alignment. Most people suffer from some kind of bad posture created by muscle imbalances. The most common postural problem is hunch back. Hunchback is caused by a much stronger chest and front deltoid as compared to the rhomboids and back muscle. If the condition is left unattended, the condition will be worse. Strengthening of the rhomboid and back muscles withy weight training have to be applied and stretching of the chest and front deltoid also have to be applied. Muscle imbalances are one of the main reasons that injuries occur so these issues have to be addressed immediately.

Why Should You Exercise 8

Exercise can help increase your immune system! According to a research in University of South Carolina, they have found out that exercising can decrease the risk of catching a cold as much as 25 percent.

Besides these reasons, there are much more benefits that exercise can give you. Take it as an investment. If you say you are too busy working, its a lie! You just need 3 hours out your week. That is far too little to invest in your health! Remember, health is one thing money can buy. Prevention is better that cure. Get started now!


Speeding Up Your Metabolism

I often get questions regarding artificial ways to increase metabolism through unnatural stimulants and methods. Well, not only are these types of schemes extremely dangerous, they are no where near as effective as a balanced diet, controlled food portions, and set schedule to feed your body. The human body is far more advanced than any scientific creation and if you follow the natural guidelines that your body is asking for, you’ll notice how simple it is to stay fit, have a lot of energy and live a long healthy life.

The first step to getting your metabolism under control is re-train your body to a specific schedule of food intake. Here are some simple steps to retrain your body and mind:

  1. Control Portions – I use this method because it’s really easy to follow. Make a fist. This is roughly the size of your stomach when its empty. Next imagine the food on your plate compacted ( i would say all chewed up, but that’s kind of gross :) ). Now viewing your food all “compacted”, would it exceed the area of your fist? If so, you’re portion is too much
  2. Eat Slow – Chew your food longer, read or whatever it takes to slow down your meal. By doing this, you allow the food to actually make it to your stomach and you’ll feel full when you’re done. I think you’ll also enjoy your meal a lot more as well.
  3. Eat Often – Since your portions are now under control, you can eat roughly every 2 hours assuming your are eating the right foods ( see next 2 posts ). In the last post I give one of my sample daily menus.
  4. Drink a Full Glass of Water or Green Tea After Meal – This was a really hard habit for me to break. I’m a huge fan of washing down each bite. However, you should eat your entire meal without any liquid, then after you have completed your meal, drink the full glass. I prefer to drink both water or green tea as both naturally stimulate your metabolism.
  5. Have 1 Glass of Red Wine Within 2 hours of Bed (Optional and Over 21 Only) – Several studies have come out in recent years that insist having a glass of red wine a day is actually very healthy. Like I mentioned though, this is completely optional. I like to have a nice glass of wine while unwinding after a busy day. Just keep it to one, and you’ll be fine.
  6. Give Yourself a Play Day – One day a week you can eat whatever you want (within reason). Certainly don’t eat an entire pizza or anything, but give yourself a reward 1 day a week of having a meal that has no restrictions. our portions can be normal, but don’t go crazy. This is an important step because of two reasons. One, you deserve it for being so good all week and Two, it actually can kick start you metabolism into having to process some extra fats that are no longer a part of your normal diet. Just make absolutely sure before you give yourself the play day, that you have the willpower to return to your diet in the morning.

How To Lose Weight Without A Gym

Lose weight without a gym is definitely possible. All you need is determination and a strong will power

If you want to lose body fat, all you need to do is to satisfy this equation which is calories in must be lower that calories out or vice versa. No matter how you do it, as long as you can satisfy this equation, you are well on your way to losing weight.

Sure there is more things to that. It is not so simple. The better way is actually to burn more calories than you consume and in order to achieve that, you need to exercise.

A successful weight loss exercise program must have a harmony of dieting, resistance training and cardio, cardio being the priority here. I have been training people for a long time and the most effective way for individuals to lose weight is by doing cardio.

Here is how you construct your cardio workout:

In order to have optimum results and lose weight, you need to do at least 3 to 5 cardio sessions per week. This is according to American Council on Exercise. Each session should last around 30 to 45 minutes. The intensity is very important. You need to be at around 75 to 85 of your max heart rate. If you do not have a heart rate monitor, use this tip. When you do your cardio, make sure you are the level when you are able to talk but you do not want to talk. That is around level 7.5 out of 10.

It seems like there is a lot of cardio to do but honestly, you would not regret it.

For you resistance training just does 2 to 3 times a week. Use body weight or resistance band if you can get your hands on some. Do lots of push-ups. Do 5 to 6 sets of 20 to 30 reps each set. Do lots of body squats, walking body lunges, burpees, crunches, leg raises, plank, side plank, dorsal raises, chin up on a bar or reverse chin up on a bar that is about knee height.

You can do lots of push up and claps. Where you push up and launch off your hands and clap your hands, land back in the original position. You can do lots of jumping lunges and jumping squats. You can do push up with your feet on a bench to work the upper chest. Do dips between chairs to work your shoulders, chest and triceps. Do close grip chin ups to work your biceps.

Try doing these exercises in a circuit style. Which means 4 to 5 exercises non-stop. I I were you, I would do loads of legs and up hill running. This will help you lose weight in no time!

Do not forget your diet! You need to control your diet in order to lose weight. You need to bring down 3500 calories to lose one pound of body fat. So, exercising alone could not help.
In terms of helping you lose weight, focus on your cardio. Do 3 to 5 times a week and include 2 times of body weight trainin

Craig Audley
Craig Audley writes about and promotes many diet, weight loss and nutrition products.