How to Lose Stomach Fat

Are you still trying to lose stomach fat? Well, dont give up trying. Loosing stomach fat is not as easy at it seems but its not impossible either.

Although all our bodies react differently, but the laws of nature stays the same. There is no such thing as god made me fat and I will stay fat no matter what I do. Generally, individuals that have high body fat have the body type called endomorph and generally they tend to store body fat in the stomach area. Individuals who are endomorph are the ones that find it very difficult to lose stomach fat as they have low metabolism.

So how can endomorph or any other individuals that are overweight want to lose stomach fat?

The first major strategy here is to increase metabolism and change the lifestyle into an active and healthy lifestyle. The funny thing is, many people know about this but yet they tend to fail because the focused on the wrong things!

A lot of people tend to focus to much on ab exercises because they have the misconception that to lose stomach fat and to get abs you need to do a thousand crunches a day.

You cant spot reduce and by just dong crunches everyday, you will just build string abdominal muscles but the layer of fat stays. The burning sensation you feel is just the lactic acid produced as a result of the stomach exercise, its not that the fat melting away.

If you just concentrate on doing crunches, you will not lose stomach fat but instead you will end up getting a thicker waistline because the abs is still a muscle and it will get thicker if its trained and because the layer of fat is still there, the ab muscle will now push outwards together with the same layer of fat. You cant just lose stomach fat alone. If you get on a weight loss program, you will lose over all body fat together with stomach fat and then eventually you get the over all lean look with a flat stomach.

To lose stomach fat effectively, especially individuals who have the endomorph body type, they have to focus and concentrate on cardio and their diet. Of course weight training is important but general endomorphs build muscles quicker than the ectomorphs and ectomorphs. Are you a little behind? Make your fitness goals!

In order to lose stomach fat, the frequency of cardiovascular training should be at least 4 5 sessions, 30 to 60 mins depending on the individual. Cardiovascular training is important in order to lose stomach fat because during the period of heart rate elevation, fat is transported to the muscles and burned as fuel. Exercises like jogging, running and using the cross trainer can help develop your oblique muscles, which will give you the strips besides the abs.

You have to get on a diet in the initial stage of your weight loss program. You need to create a caloric deficit first in order to lose weight and by combining exercising and dieting, you then can create the right environment for the body to lose body fat. 3500 calories need to burn in order to lose 1 pound of body fat.

South Beach diet is the diet that is highly recommended. Many people have successfully lost weight with this revolutionary diet. Its been proven safe and effective in helping you lose body fat with minimum time. The best thing about this diet is that it does not require you to eliminate any food groups and you can enjoy your favorite foods too! They even have an online program to give full support for their dieters!

Exercising with weights is also a must in your quest to lose stomach fat. There are people who just worry too much about getting to muscular and to big. Dont worry; you can control the amount of muscle that you put on. Females also tend avoid weight training simply because they worry they will get too bulky.

Female do not have high testosterone which is responsible for muscle growth, hence they cant put on bulk, but female will benefit from exercising with weights such as increasing metabolism, increasing bone density and joint strength. If you want to lose loads of body fat but remain looking lean, you have to weight training because weight training can help sculpt your body!

Taking weight loss supplements like fat burners and natural weight loss supplements can also help you lose stomach fat and help you get abs. Fat burners can help you increase you metabolism, suppress your appetite and also help you stay focused so that you can pull through every single rep in your workout.

Fat burners that I highly recommend are Hydroxycut, Nutrex Lipo6x , Xenadrine Super Hardcore and Lean System 7 . Please feel to read the other reviews in my weight loss supplements reviewed section.

If you are skeptical in taking fat burners, try natural supplements for weight loss. Proshape RX is a good and recommended brand because it contains natural compounds that help raise your metabolism, block fat and carbohydrates. Proshape Rx even throws in a free online weight loss program

How about exercises that help lose belly fat?

If you are talking about stomach fat as in the layer above the abs, I have already covered it, its overall body weight training to create a metabolic surge in your body and also cardio training to jack up your fat burning capacity. But if you mean abs training, here are a few.

For abs training, focus on all three areas of the abs that is the oblique, upper abs and the lower abs. I highly recommend standing cable oblique twist for oblique, fitball or Swiss ball crunches for upper abs and hanging leg raises for lower abs.

There are hundreds of abs exercises to do but the most important aspect is this, to work the oblique, choose exercises that rotates your torso, for upper abs, the movements should be curling your rib cage towards your knee and for lower abs, you have to curl your knee towards your chest.

Try to avoid fancy exercises that stress your hip flexors and lower back. Exercises like roman chair sit-ups and lying leg raise uses the hip flexors and lower back muscles more than your abs. Isolate and squeeze your abs when you work them for the extra bang!

I highly recommend you to refer to these books for in-depth knowledge on abs exercises to help you lose stomach fat. The best abdominal exercises that you have never heard of and ABSolution are 2 super abs guides that you must see. They show you up to date abs workouts and the important fundamentals that will help you lose stomach fat in record time safely!

Fiber will also help you lose stomach fat. Fiber helps you to fill up your stomach with the minimum amount of calories. Get your daily needs of fiber from your daily food like fruits and vegetable. Oatmeal is also a fantastic source of fiber. For a quick snack, try eating some fruits like apples or a large bowl of salad along with a large glass of water. You may find that you are not actually hungry at all.

Planning is the key to success. You have to plan your entire weight loss program if you want to lose stomach fat fast. Without a definite plan and goals, you do not have direction and sense of urgency. Sit down and set your goals , plan out your diet and exercise program!

Schedule at least 3 workout sessions in a week, bare minimum! Spread out your meals into 5-6 small meals a day and prepare the weight loss supplements you are going to take. For example, bring along your fat burner to work if you know that you are going to hit the gym straight after you work. Set your goal to losing 1 pound of body fat a week and stick to it!

Last and not least, no junk food at all if you want to lose stomach fat! Junk food contains high amounts of refined sugar and bad fats, which can terribly cause havoc to your body metabolism and slow down your weight loss progress.

There it is, a solid plan to help you lose stomach fat. Follow these guidelines and you can reach your fitness goals in no time at all.

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