Extreme Weight Loss: There Is A Way

Why? It is because every body wants some drastic results, to feel to be really sexy instead of just sexy. Whats more, they want it in the shortest time frame. Well, we health and fitness people can understand that, but great results come with consequences.

What I mean by consequences here it that if you get extreme weight loss in a very short period of time, you will either suffer from many health illnesses or eating disorders like Bulimia and Anorexia. If the process is totally safe, the other consequences is that the rebound effect from the fast extreme weight loss that will make you gain back all the weight lost plus maybe more weight.

This is what happens when the body goes through a drastic shift. But, even with all warnings every body wants to look really good fast. Well, since your mind is already made up to go through drastic weight loss, the only way around it is to find out the way to prevent or minimize the rebound effects of the extreme weight loss.

The most effective way to obtain extreme weight loss that I have ever come across is to use Duromine. This is a appetite suppressant that is developed by 3M. This is no appetite suppressant that you can find on the shelves of those supplement stores; this is a diet pill, which can be given out under doctors prescription only and it is supposed to be taken for a maximum of 3 months. No more than that! Its serious.

What does Duromine do is it will make you lose your appetite completely. I mean, you will just look at a Hagen Dazz ice cream on an empty stomach and go Nah! Powerful or what! Not only you will be eating so much lesser, probably one quarter of what you normally eat, you will also have lots of energy and also it makes you stay awake. You can expect to lose around 3-4 kilos easily a month. Some lost 20 pounds in 3 months. Now, those are really extreme weight loss results.

Protein diet is one of the most powerful diets out there. The problem is that this diet is very hard to stick to because you are not allowed to have any carbs during the diet. Since you are on Duromine and have to appetite or your favorite foods, get on the protein diet! You will lose even more weight. No kidding! Please consult your doctor before taking this diet pill. If you do get clearance from your doctor, take one pill after breakfast.

Now, after you have lost your desired weight, the main thing to concentrate on is how to minimize the weight gain back. The few steps that I have good experience are with lots of cardio and weight training. Weight training is important because you need lots of muscle to increase your metabolism naturally. The cardio is to keep on burning the extra calories that you will be consuming when you are of Duromine.

I suggest a minimum 3 sessions of 45 minutes cardio per week with a minimum of 3 sessions of weight training per week. This really sounds a lot of work but if you want to keep your extreme weight loss results and look really good, you need to commit your time and energy on this. Your mind also plays a vital role. After three months on the diet pill, you now know how much you can eat to maintain your desired body weight. Do not over exceed the eating quantities.

Tell yourself that without Duromine, you are still capable of taking control of your appetite. If you can do that, you will be a sure winner. Monitor your weight carefully. I suggest that you look at the mirror and judge your body. Check with the scales every week to make sure the fat is not creeping up from your back and back of your thighs.

If things still get out of hand, you might want to buy some fat burners like Hydroxycut or Xenadrine to help you cope up. But just a reminder, do not go back to Duromine. This is super important. Weight train, do your cardio and eat sensibly, you will be able to maintain the weight. Duromine and protein diet will get you extreme weight loss but at the end of the day, you still need to go back to the basics of exercising. But looking at it positively, when you do get your dream body, you will fight it with your life to keep it!

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